Introducing Treasures Inside You-an amazing one-of-a-kind mind freeing, heart-speaking, spirit warming and truly life-changing course for how to manifest your goals, delve into your dreams and create your wealth in abundance with thanksgiving from the heart.

 Treasures Inside You is your own unique personalized life-loving journey and coaching program that promises to lead you into your life loving destination!

 As you prepare to embark upon the trip that promises to transform every inch of your life you are going to experience amazing and real life altering results guaranteed. 

Are you ready to explore and discover the treasures hidden inside of you

Treasures Inside You has been created, written and designed to help you change your life with enhancing, enlightening and empowering steps by providing you with our specialized Gold Program designed to help you create a new pathway of gemstones that will illumine your journey and help you to move forward in your life. 

Our Gold Program is inspiration.  It is achievements.  Treasures is a unique mindset changing and life-altering authentic Program that goes beyond effective.  Treasures Inside You will teach you how to Get Unstuck and set your feet on the path to building a new foundation for your life on which you can stand, thrive and live.  It is a life-loving expedition with amazing destination reaching results!  It was written for you and it promises to change your life forever in the most powerful way that you could ever imagine. 

Everything that you will learn from our exclusive Gold Program will give you an eye-opening revelation that will really change your life and  help you to understand that you are abundance.  You will learn the necessary steps to manifest money  and I promise you this, you will love and come to appreciate these life-loving and life-altering lessons on just how manifesting money in abundance that really works and when this happens you will be enveloped with energy, harmony and good vibrations to keep money flowing into you like a land of milk and honey!

First Things First

Before you take the necessary steps into the land of opulence you’ll have to leave all negative baggage behind because it’s just too heavy to carry along with you.  With the coaching program that I have created for you, you are going to receive the following life altering lessons:

Your Very One Life-Loving Program That Promises To Change Your Life With:

Now All You Have To Do Is,

Explore and Discover

Helping Women to Explore and Discover Their Gemstones in the Land of Opulence, Abundance and True Wealth

Treasures inside you. You shine. You are a luminous being. Your vibrancy illumines your heart. You are like a diamond. You are a spectrum of brightness and you color the universe with your magnificence and glorious radiance. Quite the woman, your heart is pure gold. Sincerity takes up space and along with love and all your treasured gifts you overflow with treasures. Your treasure chest is filled with gems. They are yours exclusively!

You shine with the sun. Your mind is laced with positive thoughts and you are the light in the moon. That one star that shines brighter than all the rest is you lighting the path on which you are currently traveling!

Not self-made, but God made, you are a woman of excellence. Your faith is rooted deep in the heart of Jesus.  






Treasures Inside YouLove Who You Are.


Cynthia G. Boyer, Live-Loving, Life-Changing Inspirational Coach

Owner/Founder, TIY

Email:  treasuresinyou@gmail.com





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