A Touch of Inspiration


This is exclusively for you.  Read it as if you wrote it and apply it to your life!

Not knowing nor understanding just how important it is to treat myself I am now doing a brand new thing.  I have decided to be true to me. To love myself wholeheartedly. I will stop second guessing my decisions. I will take better care of me. I will respect me. I will appreciate me. I will encourage myself. I thank God for creating me. I thank God for loving me. I thank Him for blessing me. God is my everything. He is the source of my strength. I am empowered. God is my Light. I can see the path of my journey a lot brighter than I ever have before. God is my peace. I have joy. God is my hope. I am bold. In God I have my faith. I am more confident than ever. God is my life. I have my being and finally I am comfortable in my body and loving the hue of my skin. God is with me. I have no one and nothing to fear. God is the reason I breathe. I live my life for him. I am going to treat myself. Every day I will tell God thank You because He treats me better than I have ever treated myself. I’m on the right path. 


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