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Be lifted up by the power of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes in our lives we find ourselves placed in positions that we have absolutely no control over because we have been weighed down, our hearts aching, cut to the core and burdened from unexpected events that occur in our lives. Perhaps a tragedy or hurtful words from those closest to you have separated you from those you love but no longer like. Remember and don’t ever lose sight of the fact that it is vital for you to take some form of positive life-changing action as quickly as you possibly can so that your life is not effected to the point of no return.

Some things in life can shake your world and put your life on a roller coaster clouding your mind with confusion. If you don’t know how to deal with all of these draining emotions and not knowing how to handle certain situations it has the ability to paralyze you. You then begin to slowly sink into a form of depression and while you tell yourself to put all your trust in God even that becomes difficult because of the shock and disbelief of it all. It seems to be next to impossible to eliminate all of the mental anguish you experience or that you begin to feel. Your mind is all over the map and you feel lost. How do you piece it all back together to create a new path for your life and to be born again so to speak.

Here’s what you have to do. You say you trust God. Your faith is grounded in Him so you say but your numbness of flesh and your hurting heart which of course is normal is gripping you too tightly. You are going to get some three by five cards and write down Scriptures pertaining to your current situation. You are going to also affirm certain things about yourself. If you are an awesome woman with a heart filled with love and compassion write it down. Speak encouragement over yourself covering your life from the crown of your head to the souls of your feet and believe it. Post these notes all around whatever room you frequent the most. You can also post them all around your home; the refrigerator, hallways, laundry room etc. The goal here is to get your mind and focus off of the very problem that is burdening you and getting it on the things that are going to change the way you think and feel and the goal here is to feel amazing every single day of your life. If you truly believe that all things are possible with God then write that down as well to be reminded of that. It is going to impact you so that you feel energized and motivated and thankful.

If you need to be reminded of just how special you are then our Daily Upliftment is for you.

Reading through these unique and encouraging sentiments will keep you walking, shining and soaring in your brilliance.

As you begin your life-loving journey, remember you are never alone.

Here’s to you and your amazing life.

God has a plan for your life. His plan is not just for an hour, a day, a month, a season or a year. His plan is everlasting. Gods plan, exclusive to you, will always be a living and breathing entity.

If you listen to and heed God’s commands you will see that His plan for your life includes all the things you need to live out His plan. You see these are the hidden treasures living deep inside you that you may have yet to discover.  Once you take the time to ponder on what He has placed inside you, which is greatness exceeded by an abundance of gifts, you can begin to dig them out little by little one by one. God will never leave you alone to figure out all that He wants you to do. His tools of faith, trust, knowledge, education and wisdom, are the instruments that you can utilize to ensure your success and they include the very best for your life loving journey because I already know that you are going to love everything about Gods plan for you even if you don’t understand it and trust me you won’t always understand it.

So let’s pick up those keys and unlock your treasure chest. God is going to perform miracles for you and do amazing and wondrous works in your life.  His plan for you is exceptional. Don’t question it just accept if even if you don’t understand or agree with it because once you begin to see your results you are going to be amazed at God’s power and His blessings He promises to shower upon you. Just believe and trust the Father.


To Remind You

I am penning this post to remind you that God has a plan for you.  A great plan.  Please know that you will face challenges, but God is with you.  You may be forced to do things you don’t want to do and your heart will wish for an easier part, but remember to keep your faith in God for only He knows what is best for you.  God reigns supreme.  He cares for you.  He loves you unconditionally and He is the Almighty Father who has all the answers to problems or confusion you may encounter as you live your life in obedience to Him.  Walk with Him.  Cleave unto Him.  Follow Him and hearken unto His voice.  When He speaks obey and serve.  He has opened the windows of heaven.  Be blessed and be thankful.

Being Grateful for All That You Have and for Who You Are

When God created you He birthed you with His loving hands. Wonderfully and fearfully made, you are God’s beautiful masterpiece.  You are a luminous being and you radiate warmth and love. It’s who you are.  Be grateful and give God thanks for all that you have and for who you are.

In this life, you will have struggles.  You will be conflicted from time-to-time.  You will experience hurt and you will encounter people who may not be so nice, but remember that God is right beside you.  His Holy Spirit breathes inside you.  His Holy Spirit empowers you.  Life is not always going to be easy, but keep God close and follow Him all the days of your life so that you may be sure that when problems do arise and come to visit you, God’s presence will be the inspiration you need to keep living your life to the fullest.

Embrace A Touch of Inspiration and Live Your Life in Fulfillment Every Day!

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