Your Inheritance Awaits You

Go And Get Your Inheritance

There is an amazing and awe-inspiring universe awaiting your presence. Your inheritance, in the midst of the land, is just sitting there waiting for you to claim it. Find yourself a basket and prepare to get your inheritance!  

You are blessed. You are abundant. You are wealthy. You are rich. You are prosperous. It does not stop here. Your wealth is bountiful, plentiful and overflowing. The resources available to you is an avalanche of God’s blessings for your life. It is the reservoir that continually fills up. It is a never ending overflowing well of water springing up in the midst of the land. It is the rich oil found deep down in earth’s soil.

There is a path connected to you. It is a gateway to all your riches, your abundance, wealth and your prosperity.  

Your worth is priceless. Your gifts unique. Your talents immeasurable. Your skills impeccable and your ability to piece it altogether phenomenal. 


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